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Bespoke Car Detailing

We have a car detailing unit based in Winchester specially equipped for prestige cars, high performance cars, super cars, hyper cars, sports and classic cars. We offer bespoke detailing to cater for your needs.

Our car detailers can tailor a valet especially for you. 

High Definition Wax Prices starting from £40

(excludes VAT) 

High Definition Wax for the ultimate finish designed to be used on fine quality paintwork where the owner wishes to achieve a concours winning shine. High Definition Wax imparts a lustre and depth of shine normally only found on the most expensive hand built cars.

Clay Bar starting from £30

(excludes VAT)

The Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Bar is specially formulated clay compound that quickly and safely removes contaminants that are trapped on the paint surface. The clay works by 'grabbing' the microscopic particles and pulling them free from the surface leaving an ultra smooth finish in preparation for polishing.

Leather Conditioner and Protectant from £30

(excludes VAT)

Autoglym Leather Conditioner and Protectant is used for feeding and protecting automobile leather upholstery and cleaning leather-look vinyl/plastic surfaces i.e. dashboards. The formula moisturises leather whilst polymeric surface proofing agents provide protection from marks and staining. Treated surfaces exhibit an enriched natural finish combined with the scent of new leather. Silicone free.

Air-Con Sanitiser £30

(excludes VAT)

The Air-Con Sanitiser will clean out your air conditioning system. It is all you need to sanitise pipework, as well as the interior surfaces of your car. If you haven't used your air conditioning for a while the first use is often accompanied by an unpleasant smell. This is caused by a build-up of odour emitting bacteria in your air conditioning pipework.