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Divine Italia

A Wax Of Exceptional Quality - Specially For Italian Paintwork.

Divine Wax is the pinnacle of Swissvax automotive paint care, containing over 60% by volume of ultra pure Brazilian white Grade One Carnauba and valuable extracts from peach, walnut and vanilla. Based around two standard mixes (one for German paintwork, one for Italian) Divine Wax is a two-pot formulation blended to order and fine-tuned to an individual car and it's paintwork. Each individual formula comes in its own hand-crafted packaging, together with a solid sterling silver plate bearing the car's details and/or owner's name.

Previously only available to Swissvax Authorised Detailers in the UK and Ireland, Swissvax has made these base blends available to customers looking for the best in paintwork care and protection. So, for the first time ever, customers can own a pot of the original and ultimate Swissvax wax without the commitment of a two-pot special order.

Divine Italia is capable of giving a pure, crisp high gloss shine to all cars and will give the ultimate in shine and protection to Italian paintwork.