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Machine Polishing from £85.00 (includes exterior valet) excludes VAT

Instead of having a full paint spray, pay half the price and have your vehicle machine polished to remove the fine scratches and achieve the same outstanding results

Stage 1 - High performance compound to remove all light scratches and paint imperfections in the top coat from £85.00

Stage 2 - Ultrafina SE anti-holograms to remove the left over fine swirls and holograms formed in the machine polishing of automotive paints. The result is a swirl and hologram free, high gloss finish from an additional £50.00

Finishing wax applied by hand, using Autoglym Radiant Wax Polish giving a durable deep shine finish. Included in price

Optional Upgrade - Upgrade from Radiant Wax to Autoglym High Definition Wax for the ultimate finish from an additional £40.00

Allow 4 - 6 hours

All our machine polishing valets are carried out at the Valet Bay in Winchester by our experienced car valeters