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Vintage Premium Handmade Carnauba Wax

In 2012, Scholl Concepts celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the launch of two exclusive handmade waxes-Vintage and The Rock. The waxes contain the most expensive and high quality natural raw materials for the very highest demands in regards to paint sealers.

Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax is top-of-the-line car care wax produced manually in small quantities. This wax is made with highest quality Brazilian Carnauba with Cacao by expert hands in Remseck, Germany. This natural and crystal clear wax-shield protects the paint from the elements and leaves a mirror like, deep,rich gloss, long-lasting protection and a class riverling finish.

Premium Vintage Wax has a higher content of natural Carnauba wax and increased durability as a result.